Is Success In Your Future?

Only you can answer that. Read on to see if you are sabotaging your success.

There are many ways to look at success. So is success in your future? We all seem to have our own way to interpret this word. For you, success can be something as simple as being able to pay your bills. Success can also mean doing something you love even if you aren’t earning a ton of money. 

The meaning that you give to success is very personal, and we all have different ideas of what it means to be successful. Sometimes your financial situation has nothing to do with success.

You might be surprised to learn that many wealthy people are very unhappy. They sit on a pile of gold and they can buy anything they want, but they don’t get to buy one thing, and as much as it sounds like a cliché, that one thing is happiness. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on it, you’re only renting it. You simply can’t buy happiness.

With that said, I’m sure we can all agree that success follows happiness, When someone is happy, they are successful because this is the hardest thing to accomplish.

Success is a belief

It’s important to believe in yourself and to believe in your ability to make things happen. Success is all about pursuing your dreams and once you are able to build a life based on your dreams, you will be in a much better place. The biggest problem for most people is that they have a hard time believing in themselves. 

There’s a lot of reasons for this they’re different for everyone. You may have grown up in an environment that discouraged you from following your dreams, or you may have experienced many failed attempts to succeed and you started to doubt yourself.

If you want to start believing in yourself, you need to take the time to analyze the reasons why it’s so hard for you to see yourself as a successful person. Don’t forget that many successful people in this world started out with nothing. In some cases, they had people tell them they would never amount to anything and they still found a way to believe in themselves and prove everyone wrong.

Live to your potential

There are many things that help us build a successful future, but the one thing that is often neglected is the importance of unleashing your full potential. We all have potential, but many individuals never really work hard to nurture their skills in order to see how far they can go and how many things they can accomplish.

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence”.


Every person in this world has the potential to be successful, but the vast majority never even try to achieve success and they prefer to stay in their comfort zone. Having potential means nothing if you have no plan to allow that potential to help you move forward in life.

Just take action

There are millions of people in this world who have big dreams and they think of amazing ways to achieve success. The problem is that most of those people never turn those thoughts into actions, and this is the reason why most people never achieve anything extraordinary. Some people can be extremely focused and they can turn all of their thoughts into actions, but this is usually the minority. 

If you are having trouble taking action with anything you want in life, you need to take small steps, but the important thing is for you to keep constantly moving forward. Don’t allow yourself to become the type of person who is always procrastinating and leaving things for the next day.

Too many people say “tomorrow” when referring to things they want to do or things they have to do.

Replace the word tomorrow with the word today and you will see amazing results in every aspect of your life.

Look for results

Being able to see any kind of results during your journey is a great way to fuel your desire to succeed in life. It’s a good idea to take things slowly and to celebrate small accomplishments instead of worrying about the main goal you are aiming to achieve.

One of the most common denominators that you see in successful people is that they know how to celebrate small goals and they feed on the energy that is produced by these smaller accomplishments.

You need to learn not to be afraid of results even if they are not what you expect. Results are a direct consequence of taking action, and this means that you are making things happen and you are working hard to find your way to a life of success.

The power of perseverance

One of the greatest things that you can do is to be persistent and to move forward no matter what happens. When you realize that failure is part of the success process, (I didn’t fail I just ran out of time) you are going to have no problem with dusting yourself off and fighting another day.

Some of the most successful people in the world had to experience rejection and failure many times before they finally got the results they expected. Some of them failed dozens of times and they still decided to keep trying. These are the kind of situations that truly test you in your journey to success.

Most people are unable to achieve the results they want in life because they give up after they experience failure just once (don’t be that person). Others continue to try a second and third time, but when it eventually gets hard they give up. It is only those who have the courage to keep going even if they continue to fail that will achieve the results they want.

“I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn’t fall down”.

Allen Neuharth

“ I didn’t fail. I just found 2000 ways NOT to make a light bulb; I only needed to find one way to make it work. 

Thomas Edison

Before you go

Success is not something that is only reserved for a select few. The problem is that only a select few are willing to do what it takes to work hard and to keep moving forward even when things get too difficult. 

Don’t forget that success is coming as long as you are seeking it. The journey that leads to your goals is all that truly matters and you need to focus on that journey regardless of how many obstacles may come your way.

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16 thoughts on “Is Success In Your Future?”

  1. Hey nice article you have there about success, your thoughts are invaluable, If a man desire for success is more stronger that his zeal of failure he will definitely be successful. I totally agree with you when you said that success is a belief, so many people you see today don’t even believe in their self, their dreams, visions. Once a man has this type of notion, he has built an obstacle against his  success.

  2. Thank you so much for this insightful article, Wakeman! I completely agree that success is within everyone’s reach, but we must be willing to dig down deep, find what we’re passionate about, figure out why we’re passionate about it, and learn which steps we need to take to make our dreams a reality. I’ve always said that money can’t buy happiness; a piece of paper does not validate your worth, intellect, or life potential. God created all of us with different talents and abilities, and once we figure out what those talents are and hone in on them, amazing things happen. God bless you!

  3. Great post! I really loved it! Especially the point about taking action. This is always a great truth: the difference between success and failure is action!

  4. Hey – Quite a motivating post, I am reminded again that failure is not getting knocked down, it is not getting up. Perseverance, your attitude and taking continuous action plays a key role in leading a meaningful life – Thanks for sharing, loved reading this.

  5. hello dear

     quite an impressive article you have here on success I will say that success lies ahead of everyone was ready to take a bus step to achieving it, a lot of us have what it takes to achieve success but fear which is at ranging Factor the price of of the society which will always anticipated so to achieve success you just have to back away with fear and you will see yourself achieving that which you thought we could never achieve..

    thanks for sharing such an awesome article

    • So true, It’s just a step away, but ohhh what a fearful step it can be to make. Just remember success is personal, not what someone else tells you it is. 

  6. Hello there, This is an amazing article that you have got here. Success to me has always been a destination or an achievement of a worthy goal. However, I came to realize that it is much more of the belief system. I’m so glad I stumbled at this post on your website.

    Thanks for sharing this great information with me.

  7. Good article. You’re right, for everyone, success means something else. It can be family, children and time spent with them, a career, a lot of money, etc. But few people believe they have been successful in any of these areas. Maybe for some even the comfort zone is a success, if they feel good and do not want to get out of it. However, I think it is very difficult to define success. I am retired and NOW the success for me is to have a garden full of beautiful flowers.

  8. Hello there,  thank you for this very inspiring post,  the subject of success is one that is moslty talked about but yet  sometimes mostly misintepreted,  it’s true just like you said above that everyone has it’s own definition of success but one thing I really believe is success is finding rest and peace in anything you do,  and this peace ad rest will inturn bring happiness.


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