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Hello hope you’re doing well. Here’s a little something you should know about dump my 9 to 5. I can read minds, and what I see is, you DON’T like being broke, Don’t like being underemployed, and DO like the freedom to do what they want when they want. That being said.


You’re likely here because somehow some way your paycheck just doesn’t seem to keep up with your bills, and when it does, you don’t have the time to enjoy it because you’re busy busting your butt just to pay those bills.

Well you’re not alone according to the american payroll association nearly 74% of employees are living paycheck to paycheck.

Maybe that’s not you. Maybe you simply want more. More money, more time, more freedom. Nothing wrong with that.

Either way Dump My 9 To 5 is here to help. This brings us to the next question.


Simple. Been there done that and it sucks.

They say don’t spend too much time talking about yourself, but if I’m to be of any help a little background might be useful. 

By trade, I was a blue collar worker with an education in fine arts (not very lucrative). I firmly believe that to be our best we must have the freedom and money to follow our dreams. To that end being a wage slave doesn’t work for me.

Pretty sure it doesn’t work for anybody.

  • It doesn’t seem to work for the mom of 3 putting in her time pushing burgers.
  • The unemployed steelworker? 
  • How about those who are just barely employed or on welfare?
  • The baby boomers trying to retire with nothing saved?

If any of these sound familiar stick around let’s see what we can do to change things.

So in the spirit of full disclosure let me just say, that this is not about getting rich quick, not about the latest done for you super sales machine, that allows you to sit on your butt and collect a check.

It is about putting in the time and effort to learn and apply new skills, in order to build a successful and profitable business, that will provide you and yours with a lifetime of security. And you’ll find the information to do that right here.

For me and I’m guessing pretty much everyone else out there, once you find that road to financial freedom, following it becomes a never ending journey. 


My mission is to help you discover your best methods to finally find financial freedom. 

At Dump My 9 To 5 it’s all about the information, and resources you need to rid yourself of the 9 to 5 grind. You might have noticed I wrote your best methods. It doesn’t matter what you do to break free (I mean, well, as long as it’s legal). You can write a blog, market products online, paint houses, it doesn’t matter as long as it gets you where you need to be.

On the subject of it doesn’t matter what you do, I happen to know of a company that makes a tidy profit scooping up dog poop. Yes you read that correctly. It’s called DoodyCalls, and was started by a young couple with a vision. Check it out and you will see that, all that maters is that you find what works for you, AND THAT’S WHY THIS SITE EXISTS. to help you find what works for you.

Do you hate your boss? Is your McJob not paying enough? Laid off, no retirement savings? Just want more? Then this is the right place for you. This is where you’ll find the tools training and resources to stop living paycheck to paycheck and finally live the life you deserve. 


I can’t really read minds, but I’ve been where you are and in some ways still am. The journey to financial freedom Is different for everyone. You may want to become the ultimate internet video publishing star, while I just want to live a quiet profitable laid back life scooping dog poop. The point is this journey is about you having the freedom to discover your true potential, and that means you being in control of your earning potential.

One thing is certain, once you start down this path and begin to uncover all the special treasures hidden in your true potential, there’s no going back.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to take those steps toward an exceptional life filled with freedom? Freedom from worries about money, freedom to do things on your time, to help your friends and family. If you’re ready to unlock your maximum potential then just click that button over there. >>>>>>>>

Do You Want The Map?

Do you want a tested, proven way to accelerate your journey to financial freedom? Do you want a simple step by step action plan to show you the way? How about an entire community of knowledgeable guides to help get you where you want to be? Would you like that?
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Leave a comment below if you have suggestions for my next blog post or any questions regarding online income. I’ve got many more interesting articles coming out soon and I love to help!

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