How To Create A Lead Page

You may have heard that the money is in the list, that to be successful as an affiliate (or as an entrepreneur in general) you need to be building a mailing list. Now, for you to build that list you need to create a great lead magnet product and know how to create a lead page to advertise it on. 

You may also see lead pages referred to as landing pages, lead capture pages, or lead magnet pages. I’m a fan of the term lead magnet page, because that’s where you put your lead magnet to draw prospects in.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Putting together a lead magnet page really isn’t rocket science. Which is good. As a matter of fact it’s more like Legos (remember those?). This piece clicks onto that piece which clicks onto that piece and before you know it you have a lead magnet page. Sound easy enough? Great! Then let’s light this candle and start the party. 

However before you can light that candle and get started you’re going to need a few things (If you don’t already have them).

The Basic Parts

Alright so, you need a lead magnet page where you can drop your opt in form. Here’s the good news you can do this yourself, and it’s fun.

No need to hire some high dollar, craft brew swilling, web guru to do this for you. You can build one in aweber, but you still need a place to put your lead magnet product.

WordPress works great for building them. GrooveFunnels is an awesome page builder (matter of fact they can handle the entire sales process). You can also just Google lead pages And you’ll find a ton of page builders.

You’re going to need is a website. This means you need to get a domain name. You can use a registrar like, and then get the domain name hosted with a web host like Both of these sites have videos and text instructions for getting your domain set up with your web host.

You might like a one stop shop option like GoDaddy, or Wealthy Affiliate better. You get domain registration and hosting in one package

You’re going to need a way to manage your email list. You can find plenty of scripts you can install and host on your own site. That’s kind of a pain in the tuchus though. You have to know how to install them. Then you have to spend your precious time managing your database and making sure your emails land in your subscribers in boxes. 

There is an easier way.

Just use a trusted third-party email service provider. I’m talking about services like aweber, GetResponse, iContact you know those sorts of services. Here’s an awesome thing about these providers. They provide lots of instructions on how to set up your list and get your opt in form onto your lead magnet page. Heck like I said aweber even has landing page templates that they will host for you. So you really shouldn’t have any trouble setting this part up.

You Need Sales Copy

Ok so what else do you need to put on this lead magnet page besides your opt in form? Well you need sales copy (that’s another article), it should be super compelling and give people a really good reason to join your list. In other words super juicy lead magnet product served on a silver platter, with a side of smooth headline and crispy bullet points YUM. You want to make sure this copy really drives home the benefits of the free product and why people should subscribe now to get their hands on it.

Here’s just one example of an intriguing headline:

Free report reveals a secret trick to get a ripped chest fast without drugs or risk of injury. 

You get how that works? See, it arouses curiosity while pointing out some intriguing benefits. You could add a few similar benefits as bullet points below the headline to further convince your prospects. For example here’s a possible benefit point. Discover the one easy move that builds muscle amazingly fast.

Another example:

Uncover the proven secret to maximum muscle recovery.

Don’t Forget The CTA

Ok, now that you’ve shown them the benefits, put a call to action (CTA) like click here to get your free report. 

I know it sounds stupid, maybe even a little insulting, but you really do need to take people by the hand, and tell them exactly what you want them to do. And what is that? Join your list to claim their free lead magnet products. 

It’s true, when you tell people what you want them to do you’re going to get a higher conversion rate. Don’t assume they’ll know what to do, unless you take them by the hand, and tell them they are less likely to do it. It’s simple sales psychology. You gotta tell them. 

What’s Next?

So when someone joins your list what happens next? For one they get access to the lead magnet product, more important, they should get started on an autoresponder series of at least five emails. You should share some solid niche relevant tips in your email series. You also want to promote one main affiliate offer as well as some secondary affiliate offers later in the email series. 

Alright, so back to the body building example, say you’re sending out that 5 email follow up series, you could maybe give 5 tips to maximize bodyweight exercises.

You know, give people good information that they haven’t read in a million other places. Give them something to take action on right away and start seeing some results. 

You need to build your subscribers’ trust. You want to build a relationship with them. You should show them that you can solve their problems. That being said, just throwing out a few tips, that’s not going to solve their problems Good solid long term solutions is what they want. This is where your affiliate links to paid products comes in. 

For example:

You could send out 4 short videos of push up variations and then promote a bodyweight exercise program. Or how about this one? Send your subscribers a suggested weekly workout routine and then promote fitness planning software.

You see how that goes? Offer good tips in your mailings, and then link to good solutions with your affiliate link. 

The Ball’s In Your Court 

Now it’s time to take action and start setting up your lead page. Don’t forget you have to have a place to put the page. So you need a website and a place to host it (remember Wealthy Affiliate & GoDaddy are your all in one go tos). Your page needs sales copy and a CTA that leads to your opt in form. 

Once you have that done, plan out your email series. At least 5 follow ups, with good solid actionable info. Remember to build trust, and recommend products that solve your prospects problems. A third party provider like aweber or GetResponse make this much easier (oh and BTW they both have free trials).

Leave a comment below if you have suggestions for my next blog post or any questions regarding online income. I’ve got many more interesting articles coming out soon and I love to help!

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