My Wealthy Affiliate Training

The training you need to help you succeed. This is one of the most comprehensive training platforms on the market today and for the money (FREE to start) it can’t be beat.

Today we’re going to explore my Wealthy Affiliate training. We’ll touch on  what I like, or don’t like, about the step by step training, training headquarters, and the community training.

You should know  there are 1000s of training units here at Wealthy Affiliate,  and it just keeps growing. In case it matters to you, I use the word “my” because I’m a member and have personal experience, so any links you find here will likely be affiliate links.That being said the information is still valid, so let’s get to it.

Step By Step Training

Lets just take a quick look at the online entrepreneur certification course (OEC), and affiliate bootcamp.

The (OEC) training course is a 5 course (50 lesson) series  that walks you through the process of creating and growing any kind of digital business that you want.

The Affiliate Boot camp is a 7 course (70 lesson) training series that takes you step by step through creating and establishing a business in a niche that can be used to promote Wealthy Affiliate, or other affiliate products.

What I Like: Follow the step by step training. Complete the action steps,  and you can’t go wrong. Information is constantly being added, so you are your only limiting factor.

What I Don’t: For someone just starting out the sheer volume of information can be mind boggling. I suggest picking a training course and finishing it.

Training Headquarters

This is your go to place to further your education. With many thousands of videos, tutorials,courses and webinars the training hq is one of the most inclusive and exhaustive training resources on the market today.

You would have to spend days maybe weeks or more to find the information in the training HQ.

What I Like: Big fan of being able to easily find answers to just about any question.

What I Don’t: Inquiring minds want to know, and I have to be very structured not to spend too much time there.

Community Sponsored Training

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is very much community based. The live help feature at Wealthy Affiliate is tremendously robust. There’s a lot of folks in the community that are very generous and willing to be mentors. This is very much a “pay it forward” kind of place. Then there’s the live training events.

Live help at Wealthy Affiliate is not just some chat bot feature in the bottom right hand corner. It’s real people in real time, and if you ask a question you will get lots of good solid answers.

The mentoring part of this platform is what really makes it shine. There are a lot of very caring people here who genuinely want to see you succeed.

I’m a big fan of live training. Think of a podcast with a live chat feature, and if you miss one (which I do), you can always replay it.

What I Like: With almost 1,000,000 members the support here is bar none the best. This is a very caring and knowledgeable community, willing to share the lessons they’ve learned. Someone once said, if you want to know the road ahead ask those who have returned.

What I Don’t: Because this is a community (a good thing), It takes discipline not to get lost in the social aspect.

To Wrap Things Up

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is in my opinion some of the best out there. In the (OEC) and bootcamp there’s 170 lessons with action steps that will lead you through the entire process of starting and growing your business. The amount of information in the training headquarters is absolutely astounding. That astounding amount of quality training is damn near all generated by members.

Leave a comment below if you have suggestions for my next blog post or any questions regarding online income. I’ve got many more interesting articles coming out soon and I love to help!

One last thing, if you want industry leading training for free here is a good place to start.

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